Basenotes Fragrance Crossword #21 | Basenotes

It is the weekend, so it is time for the Basenotes Fragrance Crossword. You may both obtain and print a pdf or attempt it on-line at Solutions subsequent week.



1. Model based by Clara and John Molloy
3. 4711 scent maker
8. Beneficial Amouage scent
9. Lauder-owned Cosmetics model based by great-grandson of Max Issue
11. Philosophy perfume
14. The Vagabond Prince Enchanted this place
15. Charlie creator
17. Hugo fruit
20. Sisley scent
21. Notes that evaporate first
22. Biotherm perfume
23. 2021 Masakï Matsushïma scent


1. Carven scent
2. Grasse-based perfumery
4. Japanese cosmetics model owned by L’Oreal, Shu ______
5. Tom Ford cannot discover fruit
6. L.A. fragrance home based by Viktoria Fisch
7. 212 flanker
10. Acqua di Parma fragrance
12. Penhaligon’s Bouquet
13. Givenchy’s forbidden perfume
16. Trend model based by Margaretha Ley
18. Molyneux party-scent
19. Citrus fruit


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