Find out how to Look after Golden Pothos

The Golden Pothos plant may win the award for the preferred houseplant. You’ll see it in indoor buildings, places of work, and most greenhouses.

The scientific title for the Golden Pothos is Epipremnum Aureum. It’s also generally often known as Satan’s Ivy and it’s a vining foliage plant. It comes from the Araceae plant household.  

Epipremnums are available in a number of sizes and styles! The Golden Pothos likes to wrap round objects and climb no matter it could actually connect to. The leaves are a heart-like form and it’s beautiful to take a look at. It’s so common resulting from its simple care.

I discover this plant thrives even once I overlook about it. When you don’t have one already, it’s a great addition to your plant household. On this publish, I’m going to share some recommendations on protecting your Golden Pothos alive and properly!

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First, once you get a plant, buy one that appears wholesome. Indicators of a wholesome plant shall be upright leaves (no drooping) full of latest progress and no yellow or brown leaves.

When you’ve discovered your new plant, it’s time to discover a pot. I really like terra cotta or earthenware pots. Be certain the pot has a drainage gap so the water has a means of escaping or your plant shall be liable to root rot (extra on that later within the publish).

You will have a pot that’s one measurement up from the pot that it got here in, which is about 2 inches larger. Generally I discover a wonderful ornamental pot with no gap. If I don’t wish to drill a gap on the backside (utilizing a drill bit), then I wish to put my plant in a terra cotta pot.

Then, I place that pot inside the ornamental pot. I take it out of the ornamental pot to water and let all of the water drain out earlier than placing it again in. 

The Pothos take pleasure in an ordinary indoor potting combine. I like Miracle Gro indoor potting mix. Relying on the dimensions of the pot, I’ll add a scoop of Perlite and a scoop of orchid bark for added aeration. This fashion, the soil isn’t as compact.

Including these will let water drain and never sit within the plant for too lengthy. As your pothos grows, it should want repotting so it isn’t root-bound. Spring is one of the best time to repot your plant to a much bigger pot.

When repotting, go up one pot measurement (as acknowledged above) to present your plant room to develop.


Now that your plant is potted, the place must you place it? The Golden Pothos is VERY forgiving in the case of lighting and may tolerate numerous lighting conditions. 

When you’ve got it in brighter mild, it should develop sooner; in case you have low mild, then it is perhaps a sluggish grower. The perfect lighting scenario to your Golden Pothos is brilliant, oblique mild. It can not tolerate direct daylight as a result of it should seemingly burn.

In its native atmosphere, the pothos sits decrease within the forest, below the bushes. It doesn’t see numerous direct solar as a result of the sunshine is filtered by the bushes of the forest. I like to consider this once I’m inserting it in my residence. 

I like my pothos to be close to, or in a room with a window. I’ve minimal window therapies on my home windows so the utmost quantity of daylight can pour in. This helps to create a brilliant and wholesome atmosphere for my crops.

When you do not need a room with a window, this plant will nonetheless do properly. I’ve one pothos in a rest room with no window. The pothos loves the humidity from the bathe. Regardless that there isn’t any window, the plant is doing nice! 

In case your Golden Pothos leaves start to lose their variegation, then the plant isn’t getting sufficient mild. Merely place it nearer to a window or in brighter mild to maintain the variegation.

One factor to notice in regards to the Golden Pothos and its placement is that it’s poisonous to people and pets. Don’t let a pet or little one chew the leaves on accident.

The within of the plant incorporates calcium oxalate crystals. These crystals have a really dangerous impact on people and pets in the event that they enter the mouth. Please watch out and place your plant away from pets or children.


The Golden Pothos doesn’t like to take a seat in water or be moist for too lengthy. Determining your crops water schedule (and dry out time) will assist you tremendously.

This plant loves consistency. You’ll seemingly have this plant for years to come back if you happen to can work out a constant care schedule. 

I wish to water my Pothos when the plant is just about dried out. It is perhaps holding slightly moisture however the high 2/3 of the plant are dried out. As soon as it’s dry and prepared for a drink, I give it a beneficiant watering.

I let the water circulation out and instantly discard any water that’s left pooling within the saucer. The plant loves lukewarm water (round 60 levels Fahrenheit). When you’ve got metropolis water, then pour your water the day earlier than in an open container and let the chemical compounds evaporate.

You don’t have to do that, however it’s just a bit additional step that may assist your plant in the long term. Collected rainwater and properly water are glorious water sources as properly.

Water your pothos properly within the rising season (spring and summer season months) and within the winter, don’t water as totally however simply preserve the soil moist.

I wish to do not forget that if my Golden Pothos is in brighter solar, it should dry out sooner and want extra watering. If the pothos is in a darker room, it should take longer to dry out and want much less watering.

If the leaves flip yellow, that is seemingly resulting from overwatering, so again off watering and let your Pothos dry out extra.


Within the wild, these crops will develop fairly massive and they’ll really flower. Indoors although, the plant will seemingly not flower, however there’s a small likelihood! When you just like the vine look of the pothos, simply let it develop!

You possibly can place it on high of a shelf or a pedestal and it’ll finally path down. You possibly can place the vines over objects and even clip them onto objects to advertise the vines to connect to things. When you want the “bushy” search for your pothos, then pinch off new progress.

If there’s a vine that’s getting too lengthy, then you’ll be able to prune the vine. To do that, use a freshly cleaned pair of scissors or shears. Cleansing your instruments will preserve your plant from being launched to any micro organism once you minimize it.

Minimize the vine 1/4-/1/2 above a leaf. You possibly can propagate your freshly minimize vine or give it to a pal!


The Golden Pothos could be very simple to propagate. The truth is, it is without doubt one of the best crops to propagate. In different nations (and in some components of America), this plant is named an invasive weed. So, this “invasive weed” will multiply and propagate rapidly!

Let’s go over some propagation strategies. The 2 strategies are water and soil. I discover water to be essentially the most satisfying methodology. Merely minimize (like acknowledged above) a wholesome vine.

I like my vines to be between 6-12 inches. Relying on the glass vessel I’m inserting it in, I’ll take away all leaves on the underside of my slicing so there aren’t any leaves within the water. 

Be certain all foliage is above the water line. Let your plant sit in a sunny spot and you will note little roots start to seem. Change water anytime it will get cloudy or soiled and provides the vessel a rinse.

As soon as roots begin to develop, you’ll be able to go away your plant within the water (roots will get good and lengthy) or switch it to soil.

When you’d like to position your contemporary slicing straight in soil then use a pencil or chopstick and place your slicing in a small pot of soil. Preserve the grime moist and examine on it each few days. Whether it is dry then give it a lightweight drink. Roots will type and your slicing will develop by itself!


The Golden Pothos like to be fed within the spring and summer season months (often known as the rising season) utilizing a balanced fertilizer. Unsure what a balanced fertilizer is? 

The fertilizer could have 3 letters on the bundle: NPK. The “N” stands for Nitrogen. Nitrogen helps with chlorophyll manufacturing, which ends up in photosynthesis, which ends up in a much bigger, more healthy plant and extra foliage! The “P” stands for Phosphorus.

Phosphorus helps with protecting the roots of your plant wholesome and promotes root progress. The final letter “Okay” stands for Potassium. Potassium helps your plant distribute vitamins. It additionally helps your plant battle off illness.

Consider it as an immunity booster to your plant! A standard fertilizer for houseplants will work nice to your pothos. Be certain to learn the label of your fertilizer and observe the directions. I like utilizing half of the beneficial fertilizer quantity with the pothos.

Utilizing an excessive amount of fertilizer could cause your plant to burn. Burning signifies that too many vitamins have been saved within the root system and so they can not settle for/soak up water anymore.

If there’s a likelihood that your plant has had an excessive amount of fertilizer then give it a very good watering to flush the roots. Don’t fertilize the subsequent time in order that your plant has time to get better and relaxation. 

I take advantage of liquid fertilizer for my crops. Realizing my fertilizer is a liquid offers me the peace of thoughts that the fertilizer is evenly distributed all through the water (not like granules or a powder combine). I don’t fertilize the pothos within the winter time, however give it a relaxation interval.


One other great facet of the Golden Pothos is that it could actually inform you what it wants! The leaves present when they’re in want of one thing or if they’re getting an excessive amount of of one thing.

The commonest factor your pothos will do is have droopy leaves. If this occurs, your plant is thirsty and wishes a very good watering. After a couple of hours of being watered, the leaves will slowly perk up and change into extra agency. It’s wonderful to see the distinction!  

In case your leaves are turning yellow, it is a signal of overwatering. The yellowing of the leaves known as Chlorosis. Chlorosis signifies that chlorophyll just isn’t forming in your plant. In case your leaf is popping yellow, it’s seemingly a name for assist.

Again off watering and ensure your plant is drying out between watering in order that it doesn’t get waterlogged. If it continues to occur, then pop your plant out of the pot and examine for root rot.

The quickest solution to inform in case your plant has succumbed to root rot is discovering mushy, black or darkish roots. When you see this, typically your plant may be saved however there’s a likelihood the roots are finished and the plant received’t make it.

When you can, snip the useless roots out of the basis system and place the plant in a pot of contemporary soil (not the waterlogged soil from the earlier pot). Give your plant a while and hopefully it should come again to life!

There are completely different kinds of the Pothos and their care could be very comparable. Within the picture above, this variegated Pothos on the left known as Marble Queen.

I really like the stark variegation! I hope you retain a watch out for the Golden Pothos and take one residence if you happen to don’t have one already! -Janae